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Wagga’s Wood Heating Specialist

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Do you love the sound of crackling burning wood in your home?


We specialise in wood heating and have been servicing Wagga and the Riverina for over 20 years.
Check out our newest vehicle about to hit the road, KEEP YOUR EYES OUT.
“Your heating specialist”


One of the best things about slow combustion wood heaters is the versatility of their design. If your home was designed to be more classic than it is modern, there is no need to modernise your entire house just so your fireplace or heater looks like it belongs in the space. Slow combustion wood heaters come in variations, each unique, beautiful, and offering their own benefits and stylistic flair. These options are:
– Inbuilt
-Double sided
– Traditional open fire.

There are a host of design options within the above mentioned categories for you to choose from when looking for the right wood heater to suit your home. We recommend our clients to purchase wood heaters from barbecues galore Wagga Wagga as they have a range of designs available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of heaters. Therefore, you can find a heater that suits your taste and fits perfectly into the house you have worked so hard to make a home. You might find yourself asking, “who installs wood fireplaces in Wagga” Chim Cheroo of course!!!


Wood heaters speak for themselves!!!

Aside from their aesthetics, there are numerous other reasons why you should investigate in an installation of a wood fireplace, aside from us keeping the cost of our offerings competitive. Some of these reasons include:
Cost Saving & Energy Efficiency -By using a wood fireplace, as opposed to a heater that uses electricity, you will be cutting your bill down quite significantly. This can end up saving you a lot of money during the colder months when electricity bills skyrocket.
The Ambience -There is no denying the incredible feeling that having a wood fireplace in your home brings about. The crackling of the wood on a dark winter night, curled up on the couch watching a movie, or the ambient lighting it creates while entertaining guests at a dinner party are things that should not be overlooked or underrated.



Inbuilt/Insert wood fire: A fireplace or chimney that is factory-built and then installed into a brick chimney or zero clearance box.

Zero clearance boxes: are required when installing a wood fire into any combustible wall surface. When installed a wood heater can be installed into a timber stud wall, making them the ideal solution for contemporary homes that do not have a chimney or existing fireplace.

Freestanding wood heater: Generally, a freestanding wood heater consists of a solid metal closed firebox, often lined by fire bricks, and one or more air controls with a flue displayed protruding through the ceiling/roof.

Open fire is a traditional brick chimney with an open flame they have kept us warm for centuries.

Double Sided: cost savvy and heating two rooms at once. Double-sided heaters offer you this functionality, as they can be installed into walls that divide two rooms. Their double doors on either side make them accessible from either room they are heating.

What is a Chimney Sweep?

A routine service which is a thorough cleaning of the chimney from top to bottom in which a certified technician uses brushes and rods to clean away soot and creosote.
When you schedule a Chimney Sweep with Chim Cheroo, you can count on a safer and more efficient fire that burns like new again.

What is a Chimney Inspection?

An assessment that determines the safety and efficiency of a chimney /wood fire so that you can rest assured your fire is safe for use and compliant to Australian standards.
If your technician recommends repairs following an inspection, these should be made as soon as possible. Neglecting chimney repairs can lead to extra costs and more damage.
You can rest assured your wood heater is in proper working order and compliant! But most of all SAFE and ready for you to light your first fire of the season.
You are lighting a fire in your home, do not trust anyone else! always use a heating expert like us!

If your Firewood is Green or freshly cut it burns poorly, producing less heat, and blocks your chimney creating creosote.
Reminder: Ensure all wood is kept out of the weather and cover, wet firewood is the same as burning green wood!


Now you can bring your own unique style into your living space with custom hearths and custom ordered designs. Put your thinking hat on and come up with your own design and we can work with you to deliver the goods of a unique design you will love!



Keeping you and our staff safe, we are ensuring all our staff are following the correct health and safety measures ensuring frequent hand washing and wearing masks into all homes we visit.

Keeping You and Your family Warm…

Chim Cheroo specialises in providing excellent quality customer service when it comes to installation of wood fire heaters, servicing wood heaters, open fires & inbuilt units,
Our CHIMNEYOLOGIST SAM comes with all the expertise and knowledge to deliver the best outcome for your wood heating.
We can also help guide you to find the perfect heater for your home.
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Next month we will talk about converting open fires and much more…
Stay tuned!







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