Reach & Wash Cleaning Technology

We are pleased to introduce our new Reach & Wash System using cutting-edge technology at above heights.

Chim-Cheroo Cleaning uses a variety of techniques in cleaning the exterior of your building or Shop front. We clean Windows, Solar Panels plus we get rid of those nasty cobwebs, clean your whole building in those hard to reach places and we make it look like new again. We use the revolutionary ‘Pure Water Technology’. Purified water is known as the most attacking compound when it comes to cleaning. Our machines will take normal tap water back to its most effective natural state through deionization. Not only will it be a harsh remover of soiled surfaces, but pure water is also the ONLY way to ensure a spot free rinse.

Our equipment is “The Reach& Wash System”, Industries leading system for the cleaning of windows, solar panels and many other high –level surfaces, efficiently and with little envoirmental impact, at competive price to our customers.

What is the water fed pole?

The ground breaking water-fed pole technology, plus the purified water cleaning system is the most advanced glass cleaning tools we use. As our water in Wagga Wagga is very harsh and sometimes difficult to remove which means our system will work better and save you money.

Why choose our Company?

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Latest Equipment

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